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Are you an association executive for a small staff association looking for ways to leverage the sharing economy to gain expertise while containing costs?  Perhaps CEO Services is the answer you are looking for.  CGG created this service specifically for the association leader looking to outsource core administrative and management services.  Keep your key personnel and subject matter experts in place, allowing us to manage your other day-to-day affairs.  The benefits of CEO Services include:

  • Reduce staff and rising benefit expenses.
  • Contain overhead expenses
  • Gain the advantage of a virtual office
  • Access new technology solutions
  • Gain experience from professionals serving multiple associations

Services normally included in CEO services include:

  • Finance and bookkeeping
  • Governance support services including elections, corporate filings, and registrations
  • Meeting planning for conferences and meetings
  • Membership management and benefits delivery
  • Certification management
  • Website and newsletter content management
  • Special administrative projects

Contact Brian Gorg for more information about how CGG can help you manage your association.


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